Tips to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Tips to Make Tent Camping Comfortable

Getting outdoors in nature is a great way to relax. Being prepared is even better. These are our top tips to make tent camping comfortable.

Few activities provide a unique blend of fun and exploration joy like tent camping. It is, however, a super demanding outdoorsy activity that requires planning, researching, and a little luck to ensure everything fits together.

In case you’re still thinking about whether you should go camping or not, we recommend you do, but you should be fully prepared to make the most fun out of your time. In this article, you’ll find a complete in-depth guide on what you can do to make tent camping comfortable.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Getting the Tent Set Up

How do you expect your camping trip to go well if you can’t even get your tent into the proper position? Following our recommendations, you’ll become a tent expert in minutes.

outdoor camping proposal

You can set your tent up quickly with a few tips. Photo by Givaga via iStock by Getty Images

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For starters, focus on these tips:

  1. Learn how to pitch a tent: There’s a learning curve. Start with finding the right spot for your camping site, mark down a footprint to protect your tent, place the tent’s body on top of the footprint, assemble the poles, and match them to the grommets on the tent body. That’s a very basic setup. You can explore more options as you get the hang of it with time.
  2. Take care of tent flooring: you want your tent to be durable and withstand damage. One way to accomplish that is by investing in floor pads, a tent carpet, and blankets. These items provide insulation and make it comfortable to go to sleep.
  3. Use binder clips: these are used to keep your tent open. They’re also great decorations for your tent and keep rain flaps open if you have any.

These are the three essential things to start with when setting up a tent. Remember, form follows function. With the right setup, every following tip will make tent camping infinitely more comfortable.

Choose the Right Tent for the Right Destination

The number one tip to help make tent camping comfortable is to choose the right tent for the destination. Where you pitch your tent and the local environment will help you decide on the tent type to buy.

Beautiful Winter Camping Locations in the US

Enjoy these beautiful winter camping locations in the US

In general, camping is usually done on sunny days. Make sure to wear sunscreen to protect your skin. If you choose a time of the year when it’s cold, you should investigate doing things to keep yourself and your companions warm. These include:

  1. Drinking hot beverages like green tea or milk chocolate
  2. Wearing long thick underwear
  3. Wearing knit hats
  4. Make sure the sleeping bag is properly closed
  5. Buy a tent that’s lightweight and of a good brand

If it’s rainy, you should consider buying a waterproof tent, which is the best way to deal with unpredictable weather. Always try to adapt to these types of changes to make the best of your camping trip.

Nowadays, there are many camping equipment brands, and you must research well before purchasing to ensure you’re buying the best available product within your price range. One way to confirm the quality is to check the camping product reviews online; usually, campers leave valuable comments and ratings, which can help you a lot when shopping for your camping trip.

tent camping

You can camp in a variety of locations. Photo by Miro Alt

General Tips to Maintain Your Tent and Make Tent Camping Comfortable

People have different ideas about what makes sense when caring for their tents. We’ve gathered the bare essentials that apply to most situations:

  1. Dry out your tent when you’re done with it before packing it away
  2. Use pictures as you’re setting up a tent or taking it down to have a reference point every time you repeat the process
  3. Zip the tent doors before pitching when dealing with strong gusts of wind
  4. Treat your tent as a storage room and find enough room to put things in it
  5. Buy a big enough tent to accommodate twice the number of people camping with you
  6. Never try to set up a campfire to cook inside your tent
  7. Create a laundry basket inside your tent to store away wet and dirty clothes

If you follow these rules, you’ll be doing fine on your next camping trip.

Prioritize Having a Good Time

The tent part is over, and now it’s time to discuss what campers should do on their trip. The very first rule of camping is to have fun. We’ve mentioned this at the very beginning because it’s so fundamental. If you get bogged down in trying to have the perfect camping experience, whatever that might be, you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot.

There’s a whole world of fun activities that you can do. Inside your tent, you can do the following:

  1. Read books with your partner and kids
  2. Play board games
  3. Bring a small radio and remember the good old days when it was the greatest invention ever

Outside your tent, you’re only limited by your imagination. Many people prefer to do some of the following:

  1. If it’s a forest area, explore your surroundings
  2. Look for friendly animals around the camping site
  3. Play Balloon Ping Pong over a picnic table
  4. Play soccer or baseball
  5. Play hide and seek with your family or friends to bring back the old memories of childhood
  6. Sit down under the moon’s light and stare into the open sky

Time in the outdoors is rewarding; all these activities will bring out your inner child.

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Making Tent Camping Comfortable

Tent camping doesn’t have to be the bane of your existence. Thinking about how to set up a camp can be a headache all on its own. However, we’ve done our best to share what your camping experience should look like from beginning to end. If you think you can branch out and explore other options, please do so. Again, the idea is to enjoy your time doing what you feel best. Every rule here can be broken at your convenience. Now, wondering where to pitch your tent? Check out some of our favorite camping destinations on Wander With Wonder.

Tips to Make Tent Camping Comfortable


Tips to Make Tent Camping Comfortable